Here’s what Block Pane has been up to lately:

  • We’ve survived roughly two months in the Kusama “Thousand Node Validator program and have done quite well with a score of 30 and a 42% inclusion rate (very high!) in the last 84 eras. We are frequently an “A” rated validator (only falling to “B” after getting nominated for multiple rounds.) We are slowly accumulating new Kusama nominations. We had hoped it would be more, and it is frustrating since most of our peers are running the absolute-minimally provisioned cloud-based virtual servers for their infrastructure. If you want to stake on a bare-metal node that can handle a 10x spike in net/CPU/ram consumption on Kusama without missing a beat, then nominate: EJCY3iiVFgHH3RQn5EPKA1opf1oHRAbeiqsoCnXUQxpWp9k
  • The Kusama Foundation granted us an 8KSM tip for a Prometheus exporter that consumes their API, allowing visualization and alerting. It was totally unexpected and surprising (Thanks Kusama Foundation!) Most impressive, however, is watching the governance in action. Parity did a great job of designing all of this and it is inspiring to see a fully functioning on-chain DAO at work.
  • Perhaps the most amazing news is that we are in the top 21 block producers on the FIO Protocol. This is fantastic, and further cements Block Pane’s dedication to FIO. Thanks everyone for the votes ❤️
  • A cross-chain project that caught our eye is Osmosis, and I wish I’d found this project sooner! Osmosis is a defi project that enables trading on any IBC enabled CosmosHub asset. The UX is fantastic, and it has great potential. Send us some 🗳 votes at: osmovaloper1z0sh4s80u99l6y9d3vfy582p8jejeeu6tcucs2
  • We’ve joined the validator set on Sif Chain and are very excited about their future. They are inspired by THORchain and use the same continuous liquidity pool model algorithm to keep things fair. Delegate your votes to us at: sifvaloper1fc8sh7yv9ajwg368j70ezf6pjmfj0m6j20ldka

Delegate/Nominate/Vote for Block Pane at:

FIO: blockp43pubs

Kusama: EJCY3iiVFgHH3RQn5EPKA1opf1oHRAbeiqsoCnXUQxpWp9k

Sifchain: sifvaloper1fc8sh7yv9ajwg368j70ezf6pjmfj0m6j20ldka

Osmosis: osmovaloper1z0sh4s80u99l6y9d3vfy582p8jejeeu6tcucs2