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EOSIO table lookups are tricky, and tend to be one of the things I help developers with most-frequently.

I have a GUI-based Go tool (Cryptonym) that is designed for testing FIO contracts and by-far the most popular feature is the advanced table lookup ability. I’ve been wanting to re-build it so it didn’t require running a desktop application (and add some features that it was lacking). This new utility, part of an ongoing effort to port various tools I’ve built to Vue, is (without much fanfare) called fio-web-utils. …

Early in the design of the FIO Protocol a strategic decision was made, that many of the state cleanup tasks that could be done automatically should instead be done by the block producers. It was reasoned, in order to claim tokens, they are already running some script on a regular basis so adding a few extra transactions in this script wouldn’t be onerous. The wisdom of this choice was reinforced later when we learned that there are dangers in using `on_block` to trigger actions — like a situation where a failed action can prevent adding transactions to a block and…

This has been a decision that I don’t take lightly. Having been part of the team that launched the FIO Protocol and as an employee of the now-disbanded Dapix Inc. I was uncertain what message it would send. I have concluded that my participation as a block producer is beneficial to the health of the FIO network and sends a strong signal of support that as a founding member of the protocol it has my ongoing confidence and support.

FIO Protocol Logo
FIO Protocol Logo

Dapix and the FIO Foundation

First, I’ll start by explaining Dapix’s relationship with FIO. Dapix was created to build the FIO Protocol and to coordinate the…

Todd G

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